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My bank informed me a cashieru2019s check from 2022 for $945 from my account hasgone uncashed. The forms to get my money back ask who it was made out to. Idonu2019t remember. Can I still get my money back?
A cashiers check u201cfrom your accountu201d I donu2019t think you have that correct.The cashiers check would have involved providing cash to the bank for them toissue a cashiers check. You may have written a check from your account to thebank in order to prthat cash but the cashiers check is from the banku2019saccount. There is no ownership of that cashieru2019s check on your part.Hard to believe you paid someone by cashieru2019s check and you donu2019t remember towhom. I have done four cashiers checks in 40 years and I can tell you all ofthem were to. But OK perhaps it happens. It is the banku2019s money it is theirrisk. I do not believe there is a stale date on such checks so it is messyfor the bank to refund it if they might have to pay it when found. I amsurprised they notified you of its noncashed status. I guess they have to turnit over to the State as unclaimed property anyway and they would rather itwent to you More likely they simply want to get a statement from the payeethat it is no longer due that way it is no longer unclaimed property andthey can write it off instead keeping it. They do not owe it back to you. Ifyou are a good customer perhaps they will consent to do that but you willhave to get a statement from the payee that there is no remaining obligation.
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