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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing W-2g instructions

Instructions and Help about W-2g instructions

Okay so what we have here is a minicam md80 of order Dolphy ebay comes from china and a lot of you are watching this video because you want to probably want to know how it operates and so i did when i first got it because the instructions are absolutely horrible instructions they were written by some wacko um who doesn't know English so I'm going to try to teach you how it works so over here we have the power button obviously as you can see that turns it on over here we have the mode button this toggles from continuous recording mode to sound activated recording mode so what I'm going to first show you how how to record and continuous modes we're going to press the power button on the side notice the red indicator I mean just booting up now it's steady blue which means it's ready and it's waiting your input so we're going to hit the top bottom here now we're recording in continuous mode this mode will last however long you want it to last you know if you got the battery life and if you got the microSD space it'll continue to record until either one of these components run out of resources so we'll stop this that stored that video on the micro sd so over here we have the mode button I'm going to press that the red indicator light blinks slowly this means that it's ready to go and sound activation mode and we're going to have to activate it by pressing the record button on top and now you'll see that the red indicator starts to blink quickly this means that it's recording and sound activated mode and the this will last two minutes if it doesn't hear sound within two minutes it will stop recording and the red indicator light will slow down again meaning that it's a it's not recording in sound activated mode until it hears sound the end so in that mode you can go over to snap your fingers talk to it and you'll notice that the red indicator light starts blinking of slowly again and that means that it started recording it sound activated mode again so if you want to stop the sound activated mode recording process you can hit the record or stop button on the top and you can hit the mode button on the side and the that will put it an idle again and you'll notice that the indicator lets your steady blue power it off take it to your computer and transfer the files over to your computer and watch them I hope you guys liked this instruction Thanks.


If you win a car on a game show, such as Let's Make a Deal, do you have to pay taxes before you get your prize?
Any prize you win on any game show, be it cash or car or a year’s supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat, is treated as taxable income. You receive the whole amount ( typically 30 days after the episode airs) and are solely responsible for paying any applicable taxes. Depending on how much you owe, you might even need to pay it before April 15 to avoid penalties.Winners can also decline to accept a prize, if the tax owed is more than they can pay. A new $30,000 car is therefore not free• it’s going to cost the winner about $9,000 give or take, depending on their tax bracket.
Do casinos report winnings on the IRS?
This answer applies to the U.S.“Yes they do” isn’t accurate. “Sometimes they do” is much more accurate. If you go up the the cage with $1000 or less, most casinos don’t ask for ID of any kind and you aren’t required to check in at table games with player cards.If you win at a slot machine, a single pay jackpot of $1200 or more is reported on a tax form and depending on what state you are in, state tax may be taken out.If you go up to the window with $10,000 or more, they are required by federal law to report the transaction to the IRS but not specifically for tax purposes.At tax time, you are supposed to report any winnings as income but most people don’t.
If I win a lottery does it get taxed?
Yes.It will be taxed as ordinary income at the federal level, no matter where you live. If it is a big payout this tax will amount to about 35%.On top of that, there may be state taxes owed as well. Each state taxes lotto winnings differently, and the tax rates can vary by a lot.http://taxfoundation.org/article...If you live in NYC, there is also an additional city tax you have to pay.
Can I pre-pay my California state taxes for 2022 in 2022 in order to take the state income tax deduction?
I don’t believe you can. In order for you to get a state income tax deduction on your itemized deductions (Schedule A), it needs to be paid in 2022 for the tax years 2022 or 2017.However, for your own peace of mind, please read what the instructions for Schedule A says:Line 5: State and Local Income TaxesIf you elect to deduct state and local income taxes, you must check box a on line 5. Include on this line the state and local income taxes listed next.State and local income taxes withheld from your salary during 2022. Your Form(s) W-2 will show these amounts. Forms W-2G, 1099-G, 1099-R, and 1099-MISC may also show state and local income taxes withheld.State and local income taxes paid in 2022 for a prior year, such as taxes paid with your 2022 state or local income tax return. Don't include penalties or interest.State and local estimated tax payments made during 2022. including any part of a prior year refund that you chose to have credited to your 2022 state or local income taxes.Mandatory contributions you made to the California, New Jersey, or New York Nonoccupational Disability Benefit Fund, Rhode Island Temporary Disability Benefit Fund, or Washington State Supplemental Workmen's Compensation Fund.Mandatory contributions to the Alaska, California, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania state unemployment fund.Mandatory contributions to state family leave programs, such as the New Jersey Family Leave Insurance (FLI) program and the California Paid Family Leave program.Don't reduce your deduction by any:State or local income tax refund or credit you expect to receive for 2022. orRefund of, or credit for, prior year state and local income taxes you actually received in 2022. Instead, see the instructions for Form 1040, line 10.source: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-dft/... (see page A-3)
When filing by mail to the IRS, should I staple or paperclip my tax return?
For the Feds, they only mention staples or other attaching methods one time...Topic 301 When, How and Where to FileWhen you owe a balance - If you owe tax, you may pay via Direct Pay or enclose a check or money order with your paper return or if you filed electronically, with the 2022 Form 1040-V (PDF), Payment Voucher:Made payable to the United States TreasuryOn the front of your payment include your name, address, taxpayer identification number (SSN, ITIN, EIN), daytime phone number, the tax year and type of form you are filing (for example, 2022 Form 1040).Enclose your payment loosely with your return, do not staple or otherwise attach your payment or Form 1040-V to your return.Do not mail cash with your return.
What are the exceptions to the consideration of the "box7" income as non-employee compensation?
A2A - Have you read the form and instructions?Box 1 - Rents2 - Royalties3 - Other Income4 - Federal Taxes withheld5 - Fishing income6 - Medical payments8 - Substitute payments in lieu of dividends9 - Direct sales payments10 - Crop proceeds13 - Golden parachute payments14 - Legal paymentsThe instructions are available at Form 1099-MISC--Miscellaneous Income (Info Copy Only)So Page 5 for other income says…Other IncomeEnter other income of $600 or more required to be reported on Form 1099-MISC that is not reportable in one of the other boxes on the form.Also enter in box 3 prizes and awards that are not for services performed. Include the fair market value (FMV) of merchandise won on game shows. Also include amounts paid to a winner of a sweepstakes not involving a wager. If a wager is made, report the winnings on Form W-2G.Page 7 for nonemployee says …What is nonemployee compensation? If the following four conditions are met, you must generally report a payment as nonemployee compensation.You made the payment to someone who is not your employee.You made the payment for services in the course of your trade or business (including government agencies and nonprofit organizations).You made the payment to an individual, partnership, estate, or, in some cases, a corporation.You made payments to the payee of at least $600 during the year.So to answer your question directly - very very few. In 30+years of being a CPA I have never used boxes 4 - 5 - 8 - 10 -13 Boxes 1 - 2 - 5 - 6 - 9- 14 are really self explanatory just leaving box 3 - described above.There really are none.
How do tax accountants know what all is involved in someone's tax return?
Want to hear a dirty little secret?  We don't know. We can't know. First of all:  Garbage in, garbage out.The information you bring us is almost never complete. Oh, you think it is. You have your W-2 (in Canada, T-4), and your retirement plan contribution slips, and everything else you think you need. But you forgot that 1099 (T5/T3), and that other slip that "got stuck in the mail".Did you spend a few days working out-of-state?  You probably need to file a different state's non-resident tax return. But it's not shown on your W-2, so we'll never know.Then there's that little job you did for someone who paid you in cash. You didn't keep a record of it, or "forgot".Did you fix your neighbor's water faucet, and in return she baked you cookies?  That's income (yes, really).In Canada especially, there are tons of "boutique" tax credits for doing things the government wants you to - sending your kids to post-secondary school (T2202A), or hockey, or dance, or piano lessons. Did you buy a transit pass?Most people remember to claim the credit for an eco-friendly vehicle, but I've seen that missed, to0.Are you absolutely sure you got all your medical receipts? Do you know how much you were reimbursed by your insurance company?I could go on, but you get the idea.Second:  We miss stuff, tooOops. Forgot to input that slip. (and look at that shoebox above)Thankfully, not too often. We have processes to do it right the first time, and to catch it when we miss it. We have a review process,  but... we're human. The good thing is, when screw up, we don't leave a clamp or sponge inside you. Our errors are fixable, usually at very little cost, if we find it early enough.Third: It's complicatedTax law is complicated, and getting worse by the day.So lemme see. You have a US LLC, a Canadian ULC, your wife is a US citizen, you work in 3 countries, and you earn $40,000 in total. So you can only afford to pay us $12 to prepare your returns, but you want them to be perfect?Yes, I exaggerate, but sometimes you have to be "practical" about how deep you're going to go to get to the "right" answer.In my area - crossborder Canada-US tax - it's even more challenging, because we have to take two complicated, ugly systems, and try to marry them. The answers are often bad, even when they're right.We try to get it as right as we can, under the circumstances. I think we do an excellent job in our firm - better than most - because our reputation is very important. But I recognize the reality that's out there.
Does 4G use a lot of battery?
Not as much as you might think. But it’s also very situation dependent.Common FactorsThere are problems with any wireless device, and sometimes they favor one technology over another. A big one is phone to cell tower proximity. When a cellular phone is in contact with a tower, that tower is constantly monitoring the reception it’s getting from that phone, and instructing the phone to transmit only as loudly as needed. This was illustrated to me the hard way when I changed offices, and a phone that lasted all day was dying by lunch time, and my signal was 1-bar on lucky day. So in a bad situation, your phone’s battery performance might be dominated by transmit power. But in a good situation, the 3G phone was down to a nice, low power on the transmitter, and very little on the digital side of the cellular modem.Now, in that same office, I switched out my old phone, seeing the half-day battery life, with an early generation 3G/4G phone• and I was back to an all-day battery. This was back in the days when LTE was definitely a power issue. So what’s the deal? It wasn’t the battery • I had bought new batteries for my old phone in an effort to understand the problem.I was on Verizon at the time, and I was in Philadelphia. Verizon and AT&T both had the early adopter advantage of 2G and 3G being at 850MHz in the USA, along with everyone else at 1900MHz. But in cities, they tended to support only the 1900MHz signal, which had higher bandwidth, more slots for calls, but didn’t transmit as far. But city phone performance was generally driven by good cell proximity anyway, just based on the large number of users, rather than optimizing range. They count on frequency re-use, which fails when the signal gets too strong.AT&T and Verizon both won the auctions for the 700MHz band, and so I was getting 4G on 700MHz. And it just happened that the thick stone building I was in was much more transparent to 700MHz than 1900MHz. In fact, I had proven that myself some years earlier, switching a robot controller from 2400MHz to a freshly designed 400MHz controller, I could drive that robot through all four floors of the building, while the WiFi/2400MHz version was sketchy at even one floor. So in this specific case, 4G was a huge advantage. As they always say, your mileage may vary. It will• even when it’s a battery.An Inherent Problem With 3GOne of the most power hungry things in your phone is the cellular transmitter, when transmitting at peak power. That’s physics for you. The 3G/UMTS modulation standard is Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA). As with many modulation schemes, W-CDMA works via a direct sequence spread spectrum modulation, which means that multiple carriers are mixed together, to seem more or less like noise to the casual observer. This works very well, offers some redundancy and modulation gain, but it has a weakness. In the best case, the sum of individual carriers averages out, but worst case, they all add up. That’s expressed as the Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) or the Crest Factor. W-CDMA can have a crest factor of over 12dB, depending on the modulation bandwidth. This basically means that a transmitter needs to be designed not just to handle, say, a 1W average transmission but a 12W peak transmission. That higher power circuit is always a higher power circuit, even when operating at lower power levels, versus a circuit designed for lower peak requirements.But 3G also had an advantage in the early days of 4G • it was a mature technology. The 3G modem chips had been shrunk and optimized for years. So yeah, you have to receive a signal using analog/RF, you have to transmit the same way, and progress at lowering that power, while it happens, is much slower and not always compatible. But the 3G chips completely sipped power when 4G arrived on the scene.The LTE/4G System ArrivesNot only did the 4G chip not sip power, it presented a much more complex set of protocols on both transmit and receive. It had to do that decoding and encoding more often, to satisfy the ever-increasing need for speed. And in most early 4G phones, the 4G modem was a separate chip, not yet integrated into the 3G chip. So you were going to use more power no matter what you did. And so, because it was new, 4G took the whole blame for power issues. And sure, some of that was true, but it got blamed for things it didn’t cause as well.But LTE did have a built-in advantage. The LTE standard uses a different modulation for the phone-to-tower uplink, a thing called Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access (SC-FDMA), a much more complex encoding to run on the phone, but it has a much lower crest factor, 3–5dB depending on the bandwidth of the signal. It’s complex to encode, complex to decode, but it’s a win on the radio power. That doesn’t mean that the radios don’t have to support variable power, only that the peaks at the highest power level are lower, and so the overall design of the transmit amplifier is lower power than that of a 3G transmitter. And these days, since the rest of the cellular modem technology for 4G is mature and, these days, usually integrated in state-of-the-art silicon as part of the System-on-Chip that defines the modern smartpone.And once the 4G chip got implememented as efficiently as the 3G chip, the advantages of lower phone transmit power and higher bitrate per watt could kick in. That’s pretty much here today.But Did You Actually Notice?Really • do you notice it? It’s awfully difficult to prove that increased efficiencies in that one component of the modern phone balance out in any way against the increase in data use, the increase in screen density, the increase in CPU and GPU performance, sometimes increased competition for cellular signals, increases in everyday phone use over what we did in the past.We probably don’t use the phone any more, or even as much. But we’re Skyping and iChatting and making video calls. We have all our email on the phone, we’re watching more videos, we’re hate tweeting at 3am, we’re posting every meal and snack on Facebook, Live Streaming events, uploading videos and audio, etc. So there are plenty of reasons to burn power.But maybe sometimes we go longer, too, on one battery. Modern phones have upped the capacity of the battery over time. As with the cellular, it’s hard to say if that’s gaining or losing ground against our regular uses. Probably goes one way for some, the other for others. There’s Wifi in many places today that it wasn’t even ten years ago. Connecting via WiFi is a huge power advantage over cellular unless you’re on the fringe of a hot spot right near a cell tower.And 5G is right around the corner. They have to give us some reason to upgrade!
What's a full form of “computer”?
Computer-C-CommonlyO-OperatedM-MachineP-ParticularlyU-Used forT-TechnologyE-Education andR-ResearchA computer is a machine of common purpose that can be programmed to carry out a predetermined set of logical and arithmetic functions. It can take instructions • often known as programs, and execute them.It can be of many types includingDesktop computersLaptops,NotebooksTablet.PDA(personal digital assistant)WorkstationMainframeSupercomputerServerWearable ComputerNetwork ComputersMost common parts of computer are Random access memory(RAM), a processor (CPU) and a set of registers.
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