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Instructions and Help about 2022 form w-2g

Thank you for tuning in to the February 2022 KOAT you have Ian and I anyone at the patreon level of $5 and above are able to ask questions for the Q&A we still have to curate them because we get a lilian of them every time and these are always really long so let's just get started there are two here that they're more than two but I put two of them here about the Franklin armory thing in shacho so we've got one from Sean G which said what happened at the SHOT Show at Franklin Army that they wouldn't talk to end and then Robert P says what's the story with Franklin armory at the SHOT Show this year where you denied complete access or just media coverage and it goes deeper than that but so what happened as we walk over there and they have this new gun that's what they called the like remember the DEA pistol thing it's not Reformation Providence the province so what it is is I come to find out is you pull the trigger and it actually cycles the bolt the whole time was like a double-action pistol caliber carbine and it's supposed to not be a semi-automatic anyways we go over there to talk about it we walk into the booth on the shot show and start to bring out a camera and there's a guy there and I'm like we'd like to talk about the new with the new rifle or the new Providence and he says well we're not filming in the booth and I said okay and I go put the camera away and then he pointed right at me he said and we're supposed to specifically not supposed to talk to you I didn't like that and I said something I shouldn't have I said is it because you're liars and then they said to leave the booth which I did I should not have done that I apologize for that however then they didn't later on had a conversation with another channel talking about what happened well it turns out there had been a bit of a miscommunication yeah I think so in the the president of Franklin Armory had instructed the booth staff that they weren't supposed to talk to us not because nobody's supposed to talk to us but because he wanted to talk to us directly like if in range is going to film anything here I want to do it myself personally yes which would have been very different than we're supposed to not talk to you exactly anyways and then and then there's this this other video that comes out in which the president states that we filmed them last year and put the cap on the camera and then continued to that's not what happened so you were talking to the rep about the gun which was the the Reformation and you asked a whole bunch of.

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